Posted by: tjholmesjr | February 27, 2009

This Just In: North America is Without Internet

The one short sentence that drives me up the walls – ‘Page Not Found.’

The failure of the World Wide Web would cause pandemonium all across the country, let alone the continent. The U.S. would say goodbye to the recession and face another Great Depression.

Each company with an operating Web site would lose money by the second. Businesses such as Google, Amazon, eBay, and Yahoo would eventually vanish. Not only would businesses be distraught, individual people would be devastated. And not because they can’t access their Twitter accounts.

Individuals trading online through sites like E*TRADE would lose countless money that is invested in stock, with only a faint glimpse of hope to someday recover.

This would set America back for years. But is it even possible? Can a whole continent lose their connection? It’s happened before.

The World Wide Web connects continents through undersea cables and because the Internet is available to anyone with a connection, maps of the cables are public. And since this information is public, terrorists can view it.

Not only will businesses falter. Layoffs would be colossal. Not only for all the online companies but careers in journalism would be gone. Besides the web designers, and online editors, a new breed of journalists would disappear. I’m talking about the mojos.

News wouldn’t travel as fast through cell phones as it does through the Internet, but it would make it around. Television stations would still dominate the news industry but newspapers would be on the steady increase.

America without internet is trying to sail a boat without the wind.


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