Posted by: tjholmesjr | March 5, 2009

Know Your Place Newb

When you post in an online community thread, you better know what you’re talking about.

It seems like users on these Web sites have a sixth sense for ‘newbies’ . Administrators or ‘admins’ can kick you out for a dumb comment or bad play in online games.

The problem with online communities is the anonymity of the users. They can be anyone anywhere in the world. This became popular when people began talking through AOL and eventually other social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. Since there are no security measures and online communities are self-policing, the media consumption is endless.

Web 2.0 is at the click of a mouse and countless online communities flourish in a cyberspace world. Online communities are niche markets. People can belong to a specific Web site where they can view information about topics they want. The subjects of online communities are infinite. They range anywhere from a certain sports team to television shows to furies, which I just learned about, thanks to my professor.

In contrast, my idea of community is where people live close to each other, exchange conversations about interests, share meals; celebrate events and a place where they enjoy the physical presence of each other. This of course is what most people refer to as a physical or traditional community. Other people can view communities in a different way.

I can see similarities between the traditional communities and an online community. In an online community, people can still talk to one another through message boards. I enjoy my online games where I get the chance to talk to people from other parts of the world – or so I think.


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