Posted by: tjholmesjr | March 12, 2009

Classes Shifting Online

Home schooling has a whole new meaning thanks to Web 2.0.

Online learning is becoming more popular as technology becomes more advanced. High school and college credit are both attainable through online classes. People can earn a degree from a number of accredited distance learning colleges like DeVry University, University of Phoenix, or Kaplan University.

Kaplan University recently put out ad campaigns to intrigue people to sign up for online classes. Distance learning can become more convenient for people who need to work to survive in the struggling economy or even people who can’t learn as fast as others. In 2001, according to that article, only 34 students were enrolled in online degree programs and now there are around 48,000 just at Kaplan University alone. That is an enormous leap in eight years and it can be attributed to mainly the technological boost of the World Wide Web.

People decide to take online classes because it fits into their time or because going back to school can cause anxiety as it did for Kristie Underwood. The article also describes how distance learning can also help stay-at-home parents achieve their college degrees when they don’t have the time.

Web 2.0 is increasingly bringing students over from traditional ways of learning to learning at their own pace and the online classes are not only offered for college credit.

Parents are starting to withdraw kids from their high schools because they feel like their children are not receiving the education they should be in public schools. Jayne Nilsen withdrew her son Erik from his high school and enrolled him in an online academy where he takes four classes online from home.

With this new definition of home schooling, people are becoming more dependent on the Internet. It may be more convenient for parents to take online classes when they have to work, but high school students should not get their education from a screen talking to them.

They need to be taught by a person, with other people around because a diverse student body is essential to the development of young minds. This being the case, peers can help you learn just as much as teachers do.


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