Posted by: tjholmesjr | April 2, 2009

Traditional Journalism Not Ready to be Put to Rest

Journalists can learn many different things from bloggers. The way blogs are supposed to be written are through anecdotes, claims, support for the claims, and it all has to have a purpose. Some bloggers write this way and they are usually professional journalists getting paid to do it. Other bloggers write personal blogs that report and update what they are thinking, and it usually is something that affects their lives in some way.

Journalists can learn from bloggers just like bloggers can learn from journalists. They are both very similar but have some differences. Bloggers support their argument through credible sources. Journalists do the same through research and certain people they attribute information to. The difference between traditional journalism writing and blogs is traditional journalism reports and informs the audience of the news where blogs take a stand on an issue and are used to support it.

Traditional media is still the main source of information today but according to an article on, media used by internet users in the U.S. shows that more people are turning to online for shopping, and social networking sites for conversation. One lesson traditional media can draw from the technological and social change that is facilitated by the Web is to embrace the change and not try to prevent it. People are adapting to online media with shopping and social networking as well as searching for the news because it is available at the time that individual person wants it. It is made ready for them to view information when they make time to do it.

The technological advancement of the 24 hour news cycle of the Web has put media outlets in a position to publish now. It is creating an atmosphere journalism that is relentless and careless pack journalism and media outlets scramble to cover every possible angle. Traditional media must obtain existing audiences and new ones by adapting to both online and physical communities through every way possible. If traditional media adapts to both online and physical communities then neo-Luddites can have more of a chance to use the best of both worlds. When neo-Luddites are at work, they use the online communities, and at home they use traditional media to inform them of the news because of use of the Web while at work. They want to interact with the physical communities that surround them at home.

Journalists need bloggers and visa-versa. People need journalists to be informed with the news and in order to see different sides of arguments and they need blogs to diversify angles to create the spectrum of ideas and solutions.


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