Posted by: tjholmesjr | April 7, 2009

Screen Reading Only Going Up

The Web and technology have transformed the way people read.

Electronic books are becoming more popular to save paper and save money. Amazon has come out with Kindle, a device where consumers can read newspapers, books, and magazines that they download wireless for a fee. A Kindle can weigh less than a typical paperback and save power because there is no back lighting function according to an article from the Washington Post.

Not only do the Kindles create ways for people to download e-books, but Apple came out with a Kindle application for the iPhone and iTouch. Amazon believes that the iPhone application will persuade people to buy a Kindle because it uses less power and has longer battery life.

E-books are changing the way people are reading. One great benefit is it can be accessed from any Internet connection. E-books are becoming more popular even in colleges for textbooks. I have taken a couple of classes at Chico State where the professor has given us the opportunity to purchase the $25 cheaper e-book than the traditional textbook. Even though I wanted that $25, had to have the physical textbook because I would get easily distracted with all the other things I could be doing with computer and the Web right in front of me.

The Web has transformed how people read in other ways than just e-books. More computers with Internet access are in all levels of schools today. With more students spending time reading and doing research on the Web than in books, the credibility of the Web site they come across comes into question.

School librarians now are being taught how to teach Internet skills to students and not only about book researching skills. It is important to know how to find a credible and reliable source of information because there are plenty of Web sites that don’t have publishers and anything can be posted.

I personally can’t be around a computer when I am trying to read for any class out of a book. It poses a distraction and I’ll soon find myself on reading about the upcoming National Football League Draft or the start of the Major League Baseball season.

But even though I get distracted while I am near a computer with an internet connection, I still find myself ultimately doing the same thing – reading.


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