Posted by: tjholmesjr | April 30, 2009

Microblogging Spreading like Wildfire

I’ll come straight out with this, I was not very happy when Facebook came out with their new interface in March 2009 that lets people update you with what they are doing at any given second. They do this by typing anything into a box entitled “what’s on your mind?” When I would see some of the stuff people would post, I would get upset and get the ‘who cares’ mentality.

But Facebook isn’t the only social networking site to do this. MySpace does it too by letting people update their status and mood for all their friends to see. Again, I thought how it was a way for people to complain, brag or feel like other people really care what they are doing and how they feel at that specific time.

Then I found about Twitter.

Twitter has become the envy of these main two social networking sites. Facebook gets about 20 more hits then Twitter does yet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg felt like he needed to change it to be more like Twitter. Since then, people all over television news shows, including ESPN, have been giving out their Twitter address for people to follow.

For these reasons, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But the Internet is accessible through phones and people can  give or receive information at any time.

In recent cases, jurors have been doing research on the cases they are seeing while they are still on trial through their cell phones. This brings up the question, are social networking sites that are fixated on microblogging really a good thing? For journalist purposes, yes because we can be updated on recent stories right then and there with the accessibility of the Web, just like RSS feeds. As for citizens, these microblogging sites are ways to compile all the updates for their relatives, peers, and favorite authors all in one place. It can save a lot of phone calls and wasted messages about how they are doing because they tell you.

All in all, Twitter is a way for people to stay connected through Web 2.0. Facebook and MySpace are just more advanced versions of it and sometime in the future, maybe Twitter will want to change their interface and allow photos, videos, and music.


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